Conditional Creation

We are creating with every breath we take and every thought we think.  This wisdom is not intended to give you anxiety, but rather to […]
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Lightening Dark Thoughts

From time to time we all experience dark thoughts, about the past or things that happen in the present.  When dark thoughts repeat or stay […]
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Clearing the Air

This troubled time makes it difficult, if not impossible to clear the air around us.  We have a situation where energy pollution is a reality.  […]
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Choosing and Discarding Questions

In this tumultuous time, there are many questions which only produce anxiety. You want to be conscious about the questions you ask. The hardest questions […]
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Healing in the Light

There are many levels of healing we encounter.  From the healing of tragedies to the healing of stresses we meet every day,  the best goal […]
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Finding Center in Troubled Times

The world is experiencing the terrible outcomes of our refusal to protect our climate.  The devastation is heartbreaking.  We cannot ignore it, but we need […]
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Walking Without Fear

In a time that is so full of fear, a great deal of courage is required to walk without fear.  It means that we must […]
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Returning to Center

The world around us is in a state of chaos.  While we cannot escape the chaos, we can consciously return to the center of ourselves […]
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Holding Your Good Choice

It is a great moment when you make the right choice for yourself.  You can feel the pleasure of doing the right thing.  It is […]
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Stop, Catch Up, Rebalance

We are living in times of great stress and sometimes the thing we lose track of is our own well being.  In order to know […]
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  Choose Your Game

Every human interaction involves an exchange of energy.  When you choose where you want to focus that energy, you are choosing your game.  If you […]
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Stopping the War

When you watch someone learning a skill that is not familiar to you, you see them go through levels of learning which are not at […]
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The Face of Evil

It has long been noted that evil doesn’t know itself. Since we are facing evil at a national level, it is hard for us to […]
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