The Storm Outside

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This is a time of challenge.  Whatever you looked to in the world outside for comfort or familiarity is in a state of flux.  This is the cause of so much anxiety in the environment.  We are navigating a rough sea that changes with every new wave.  This time gives us an opportunity to see what we have relied on externally to feel good internally.  The process of taking charge of how we feel and what we need is sometimes daunting.  We are being challenged to know and acknowledge that we are enough, rather than wait for the outside world to tell us that is true.  This is a time to understand the true power of focus.  When we focus on the storm, we can only feel unbalanced and endangered.  When we focus on our internal world and how to take care of it, we can feel peace.  Lovingkindness is the most necessary thing we need to find peace.  It must begin with you.  If you want to honor who you are, you must choose to give lovingkindness to yourself first.  Allow yourself to feel where you may be demanding or unkind to yourself in any area of your life.  Change your focus and your heart and begin to make a place of love and acceptance in every part of your life.  You must create the peaceful place, the storm outside is still with us.

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