Investing in the Light

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The world in which we live is badly divided and often confusing.  There is no perfect scenario for any side.  We are all doing the best we can to choose wisely and lovingly.  Whatever you hear or see in the world, you have the power to choose your investment.  When you hear about corruption, look around to find the honesty which operates in that sector.  When you hear about hatred, look around to find the love which operates in that sector.  Wherever you focus, you are investing your energy.  You can know about everything, but you choose where you actually focus your attention and your energy.  When you feel powerless about something, look for the place where you have power.  It may not be related to the issue you feel powerless about, but you are wise to find the places where you can use your own power in a positive way.  We cannot influence everything, but we can always influence something.  Invest in the light in every way that you can.  If we all do this, we can illuminate our world.

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