Clearing the Negative

We are being bombarded by many energies and experiences at this time in the world.  It is easy to think too much or to hang […]
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Clearing the Pain

When we encounter wounded emotions we are often confused about what to do for them.  Begin by extending your total loving support to yourself in […]
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The Power of Light

In a time where we feel helpless about so many things, it is good to remember the power we all possess.  You are the keeper […]
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Investing in the Light

The world in which we live is badly divided and often confusing.  There is no perfect scenario for any side.  We are all doing the […]
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Looking For It

There is a great power in consciously looking for something.  When you look for something ,you set up energetic fields that attract what you are […]
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The Storm Outside

This is a time of challenge.  Whatever you looked to in the world outside for comfort or familiarity is in a state of flux.  This […]
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Honest Valuing

Part of the pain we experience is because we become unconscious about our personal valuing systems. We often have an intellectual experience of valuing […]
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The World Exposed

We are living in a time where what had been hidden is revealed. The darkness has many faces and we are seeing them all. […]
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Empowering the Light

The world has been challenged, both by the virus and its many effects, but also by the many places in our world which have been […]
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Choice-How to Use it Wisely

When the world is in extreme disarray, we sometimes forget that we have the power of choice.  We can choose where to focus and where […]
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Love and Simplicity

The times you are living in are full of unknowns and complexities.  If you are battling to discover the future of your life, you are […]
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 Living in a New Reality

With the overturning of life as we know it comes many challenges.  It also comes with blessings.  In this turbulent time, we have been forced […]
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