The Power of Light

In a time where we feel helpless about so many things, it is good to remember the power we all possess.  You are the keeper […]
Nov 22, 2021 /

The Storm Outside

This is a time of challenge.  Whatever you looked to in the world outside for comfort or familiarity is in a state of flux.  This […]
Jul 21, 2021 /

Honest Valuing

Part of the pain we experience is because we become unconscious about our personal valuing systems. We often have an intellectual experience of valuing […]
Apr 12, 2021 /

The World Exposed

We are living in a time where what had been hidden is revealed. The darkness has many faces and we are seeing them all. […]
Mar 1, 2021 /

Empowering the Light

The world has been challenged, both by the virus and its many effects, but also by the many places in our world which have been […]
Dec 20, 2020 /

Choice-How to Use it Wisely

When the world is in extreme disarray, we sometimes forget that we have the power of choice.  We can choose where to focus and where […]
Aug 11, 2020 /

Love and Simplicity

The times you are living in are full of unknowns and complexities.  If you are battling to discover the future of your life, you are […]
Jul 9, 2020 /

Making Good Choices in Changing Times

The world of absolutes has disappeared.  It is good to remember that absolutes are an illusion under any circumstances.  Now that structures we trusted are […]
Jul 3, 2020 /

 Living in a New Reality

With the overturning of life as we know it comes many challenges.  It also comes with blessings.  In this turbulent time, we have been forced […]
May 14, 2020 /

LifeWalk by Becky Loving

“Lifewalk: Living from the Heart” is a book meant for our times. Concise, straight forward and powerful; renowned counselor, meditation teacher and channel Becky Loving […]
Feb 27, 2020 /

Listen Carefully

From moment to moment we are receiving messages from ourselves.  Many of the messages we have learned to ignore, to our detriment.  You may have […]
Jan 14, 2020 /

Protection through Filling

There are many things that we find frightening in the world and in our lives.  One of the first things we learn is to defend […]
Oct 21, 2019 /

Finding the Right Time for a Rest

When perfection rules your life, it may be that you have lost the ability to find the right time for a rest.  This can be […]
Sep 23, 2019 /

The Power of the Wave

When we are feeling overcome by a wave of energy, the first thing we feel is fear.  The wave is bigger than we are.  The […]
Aug 22, 2019 /