Stopping the War Inside

Both love and fear have magnetic qualities. We are now living in a world where fear runs rampant. The challenging part of this time is […]
Feb 17, 2017 /

Focusing on Personal Power

Power structures gone wrong seem to be so loud that we often feel we will be overcome by them.  There is no question that damage […]
Feb 10, 2017 /

The Way of Personal Truth

This way of living means that you will spend some time in discomfort. There is a great pressure to embrace the truth of some people […]
Feb 10, 2017 /

The Power of Displacement

We are in a time where power is being misused, truth is being made insignificant and abuse is falling on areas of life which should […]
Feb 1, 2017 /

How to Care and Still Let Go

We are living in a time when we need to practice knowing, but not attaching to, many issues. We need to know about issues in […]
Jan 16, 2017 /

Releasing the Year

When the experience of the year you have lived through has heaviness as well as lightness, we want to focus on releasing the heaviness. What […]
Dec 21, 2016 /

Being Connected and Being Individual

We are sometimes challenged by making both of these truths work together. Because we are connected does not mean that we are all alike. The choice […]
Dec 9, 2016 /

A Holiday for Gratitude

Thanksgiving is upon us and at a very difficult time when the world around us is at war of one kind or another. Gratitude can […]
Nov 25, 2016 /

The Doing Position

When we want to do a thing, we position naturally in a very good way. We are open and willing and happy to give our […]
Oct 5, 2016 /

The Power of Gratitude

Much is written and spoken about gratitude as a good practice and it certainly is. When you focus on something, it is usually either filling […]
Sep 16, 2016 /

Time to Let Go

What we are holding can harm us. Letting go heals us. This process does not require perfect spiritual development, it only requires more kindness for […]
Sep 6, 2016 /

The Power of the Present

Take a deep breath and bring yourself into your center and into the present moment. Remember that you were created in love and that you […]
Aug 22, 2016 /

The Power of the Word

The word we speak has the power to feed fear or love. That is one reason why we want to choose wisely what we say. […]
Aug 9, 2016 /

Building on Love

Do you find yourself being critical of yourself and others?  Do you believe that this is the way to create good things in your life?  […]
Jul 19, 2016 /

Taking Charge of Personal Investment

There is a steady demand for the personal investment of our lives.  We want to remember that we are in charge of our investments.  When […]
Jul 11, 2016 /