Balancing the Path

When we are pulled by any one aspect of the path, it is difficult to honor that aspect but also to know that there are […]
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 Conscious Detachment

There is so much going on in the rapidly changing world around us.  That change is unsettling, both inside and outside.  The changes allow us […]
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 Fill to Receive

It is good to want to create things in your life.  The most important thing, however is to create yourself in the best possible way.  […]
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Inner Truth

The world around us is reflecting the chaos that is created when truth is no longer spoken, recognized or respected.  Not a day goes by […]
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 Emotional Flexibility

We live in a world where everything seems to happen at once.  We have been led to believe that all our emotional responses should be […]
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Watching the Storm

There are powerful lessons to be learned from watching a storm. Even though you do not control the storm, you can gather information that indicates […]
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Lighten the Load

The times we live in are full of the things we most fear and the things which make us feel helpless. This is why it […]
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Conditional Creation

We are creating with every breath we take and every thought we think.  This wisdom is not intended to give you anxiety, but rather to […]
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Lightening Dark Thoughts

From time to time we all experience dark thoughts, about the past or things that happen in the present.  When dark thoughts repeat or stay […]
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Clearing the Air

This troubled time makes it difficult, if not impossible to clear the air around us.  We have a situation where energy pollution is a reality.  […]
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Choosing and Discarding Questions

In this tumultuous time, there are many questions which only produce anxiety. You want to be conscious about the questions you ask. The hardest questions […]
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Healing in the Light

There are many levels of healing we encounter.  From the healing of tragedies to the healing of stresses we meet every day,  the best goal […]
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Finding Center in Troubled Times

The world is experiencing the terrible outcomes of our refusal to protect our climate.  The devastation is heartbreaking.  We cannot ignore it, but we need […]
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