End of Year Healing

We are closing on the end of a very challenging year.  Many institutions we have always trusted have been under attack.  This can bring up […]
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There are so many layers connected with holidays.  It is easy to feel the demands of the past and the present.  It is a time […]
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 Holding For The Light

We have been experiencing very loud and visual tragedies recently.  It is easy to respond to these incidents by going to fear or anger within […]
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The Line Between

There is a great life skill which allows you to hold a line between your deeper feelings and sensitivities and the behavior of people and […]
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The Happy State

Much of what we believe about being happy is not true.  Most of what we believe about being happy is based on a system of […]
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The Blame Game

Sometimes we treat blame like a bouncing ball.  We want to get it into someone else’s court and when we do, we feel relieved.  Unfortunately […]
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Guarding Your Energy

We live in times where outrageous things are presented as reasonable and outrageous people are presented as viable.  In these circumstances we must be very […]
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What are you Feeding?

For every thought you think and for every action you take, you are feeding a belief, whether healthy or unhealthy.  We cannot perfectly monitor everything, […]
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Consciousness Without Fear

When we become conscious, we become conscious of many things.  Some of those things are light and some of them are dark.  It is challenging […]
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Conditional Living

Emotional states are often controlled by conditional beliefs.  If I believe that I can only be happy if someone else behaves a certain way, then […]
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Joy in the Present

Pain is a part of being human.  We experience varying degrees of pain in our lives.  While pain must be processed so that it can […]
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Balancing the Path

When we are pulled by any one aspect of the path, it is difficult to honor that aspect but also to know that there are […]
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 Conscious Detachment

There is so much going on in the rapidly changing world around us.  That change is unsettling, both inside and outside.  The changes allow us […]
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