The World Exposed

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We are living in a time where what had been hidden is revealed. The darkness has many faces and we are seeing them all. We have always known about the misuse of power in many areas of our lives and our culture, but now we are seeing that misuse of power being supported by people we always believed to be supporters of light. Truth is sacrificed to the worship of individuals who live in the lie. It is difficult to know about all of this and still hold the light. The culprit is fear and the false promise of power and protection. The most powerful thing we can do is hold the light and the truth and leave the fear and the lie behind. We can do this by choosing to focus on the light in any given situation. We may know about the lie, but we do not need to focus on it. We also do not need to go to war with those who have pledged their lives to the lie. We want to move forward and create in the light.

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