Our teaching section will include material to accompany the audio meditations. Our current teaching, Remembering You, is also available as an audio download.

“Remembering You” (The Teaching)


When you were born, you were a complete being. Your identity was intact. You were not confused about your own nature or your own responses to life. In the beginning, you were without judgment, which meant that you were operating in love, not fear. As time went by you began to adapt to the world around you. You learned many things; some of them were useful and were a natural extension of your identity; some were a violation of your nature and put you in a state of fear. And so you grew up, constantly responding to the experiences of your formative years, and yet, not fully understanding the impact of those experiences. You formed a picture of yourself which you believe to be true, but which, in truth was only partially true. It is this picture of yourself which has determined the course of your life.

There is in you still the true pattern of your identity. It is kept safe by your own spirit, the part of you that is eternal and the part of you that knows that you were created in love and wants to return you to that knowing and to a life lived in that energy. The journey to that knowledge begins with a single decision; the decision to open to your own spirit and to listen to its wisdom. There is no greater adventure than the discovery of your true identity.

The path that leads to you is a healing path. It is called a healing path because where there is fear in your life, you are wounded. When the wound is healed, the true self emerges and becomes a part of you again. All of the possibilities are yours again. The desire to create your life in the best possible way for you emerges. One by one the fears are displaced by loving beliefs and responses and your complete identity returns. The lessons and meditations offered here are designed to help you on this healing path. Thank you for listening and may your path be rich and rewarding.