Living in a New Reality

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With the overturning of life as we know it comes many challenges.  It also comes with blessings.  In this turbulent time, we have been forced to places where many things have stopped and given us time to go inside ourselves-to listen and to evaluate certain aspects of our lives.  Many of us have been managing life for ourselves and our children.  This is both draining and enriching.  What things have been revealed that we might have missed without this stoppage.

Societally, structures are changing and some are disappearing.  We have an opportunity to make positive changes in our own value systems.  The planet has spoken to us in an undeniable fashion.  We must make the changes that value and protect the planet and most importantly, the changes that value and protect people.  There will be struggle, but that struggle needs to be for creating what holds and nurtures light.  We are not alone and we can do better things in better ways.  Every act of lovingkindness and support is a building block to this new reality.   We can make a better world.

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