Moving Through a Splintered World

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The world we live in seems to be a new and confusing place. This is, in large part, because it is time for the world to change in radical ways. The imbalance of the world finally became too much for it and so the energy exploded. After any explosion there is a great deal of cleaning up to do. Some of us are trying to choose new and better ways to handle the world. Some of us are desperately trying to use old, familiar attitudes and positions to handle new problems. All of this makes the world feel splintered. We are being asked to detach from positions and attitudes and to simply observe what is really happening and changing. We must take charge of our focus. It is easy for our personal wounding and fear to attach to what is happening in the world. Choose where you focus your thoughts and your energies. Empower what is good and detach from what is not. Find what is good for you in every situation you see/ You do not need to have opinions now, but you do need the will to choose what is good for you in the world. Your job is to hold light, carry it and share it. To do that, you must choose love—for yourself first, and then for the world around you. This will make your walk through the world worthwhile and worthy.

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