Valentine’s Day Lesson: Adjusting to Change in a Loving Way

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Here we are adjusting to changing  in a loving way, on a day that has a certain amount of dedication to love which we’re going to talk to you about.

The whole idea that love is something to drawn from outside of you is a bit distressing, because it leaves you with the idea that your own love is not enough. In truth your own love is indeed, enough.

Your love and the union of your love and the love of the Universe is a beautiful thing. It has so much nurturance for you and so much power. But this day brings out a problem which we are going to solve.

We are going to solve it by being loving. When an event comes up, a time of celebration, then we very often feel ourselves, pulled outside of ourselves. As though we should be looking around us for the thing that is going to fill us, the thing that is going to make us whole. So, we fall into an illusion and in the culture there is a great deal of magnetism for that.

There is so much meaning applied to things that meaning should not be applied to. But, when it is love, it is especially dangerous. It is as though we are saying, “If I were truly loved then the outside world would respond to me in the way that is prescribed by my culture.”

As soon as we can give that up, we can then begin to enjoy responses that are loving that come from outside of us because we are not afraid of their absence and because we are not living in need of them.

These two things can be dangerous for anyone particularly someone on a spiritual path because these ideas pull you away from yourself, your source, your center, the place where you can fill, the place where you can allow yourself to feel bountiful love, which the Universe always has for you.

Now, we are not any way saying, that you don’t enjoy love from those outside of you. Of course, you do, but there is a balance where you are full and you know you are full, where you are in a place with yourself where you are loving, where you are full of love. And, so the things that come to you, from the outside are positioned properly, as they should be. They are things that are extra. They are pleasant. They are fair wind. They are a beauty that you might see and enjoy. But they are not the things that you need in the sense of being fearful because those things can take your power away from you.

Because of the nature of your world and the patriarchal nature of your world, you will find that you must watch this on holidays. You must watch this any time you have engaged in comparison. Because then you put yourself in a dangerous place. “This other person is getting all of this from the outside and I am not.”
We can tell you truly, that if that person is not full, what they are getting from the outside will not fill them.
This knowledge is the thing that returns us to center, returns us to an understanding of love that we want to carry with us where ever we go.  Now, we acknowledge there are certain circumstances where that is more challenging, but the return on all of this must be to the center of the self.

The openness must be to love of the Universe and allowing ourselves to be filled. In order to do this of course, rather than get caught in the speed of the world around you, you must be willing to stop and be in contemplation with yourself. It does not have to be hours and hours of it, but it must be enough of it so that you can fill again. In that filling you will find your own power.

In this teaching as in all the teachings of light may your be blessed.


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Begin to breathe easily.

Breathe wholeness into your body, exhale judgement.

Breathe healing into your body, exhale wounding.

Breathe fullness into your body, exhale emptiness.

Feel the blue of peace all around you.

Breathe in peace, exhale fear.

Become aware of the flows of love, a gift from the universe.

Feel the crown open, and open more widely to receive love.

Feel the flow of that energy through your body, leaving its message in the crown that you were created in love and you can receive it with a thought, with an intention, with an opening.

Feel the flow of that love into the third eye and feel the energy filling the third eye so that you are intuitive, kind and understanding. And that you can see everything and be unafraid because you are seeing through the lens of love.

Feel the flow of love into your throat.  Feel the love begin to change the energy in which you speak to yourself about yourself and in which you speak about others. Feel the throat relax and become easy and able to give you information without fear.

Feel the flow of light into your body and into your heart center. And feel love the love that the Universe has sent you, across your heart across the landscape of your life. Feel love flowing into places that are unforgiven so that they become forgiven.

Feel the love flow into the places that are wounded so that they can begin to heal.  Feel love flow across any judgment so that it releases and itself becomes love.

Feel the flow of love down through your body and into the solar plexus. And feel the power of love displace any emotions that you might be holding onto that cause you pain.

Feel the flow of loving energy into your second center, washing the second center clear of judgment and shame, displacing all of that.  Feel the second center relax and become the purification center, again, unworried about being judged for what it purifies.

Feel the flow of love down through your body and into the root. And let the love displace any harshness in your plan for creation, knowing that love and creation are the most powerful union but you can make.

Feel the flow of love throughout your body, through your thoughts, through your mind, through your shoulders, releaving you of burden. Through your arms and hands so that it is the love that chooses with you, what to do, what you hold.

Feel the love flow through your trunk, bringing you healing in any other arena that you might need.

Feel the flow of love for your legs your support system.

When you’ve grounded in body, open your eyes.

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