The Power of the Wave

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When we are feeling overcome by a wave of energy, the first thing we feel is fear.  The wave is bigger than we are.  The wave has more power.  We cannot control the wave.  When we are feeling this, remember that there is more than one thing in this equation.  There is the wave, but there is also you.  You cannot control the wave, but you can take charge of how you respond to the wave.  When you see surfers riding enormous waves, you may notice their fearlessness.  The wave is still more powerful than they are, but they have chosen to connect with themselves and find the best way to take care of themselves in the wave and even to enjoy it.  The most important thing to remember when you feel overcome is to keep your own energy and operate your decisions from that position.  When we are unafraid, our abilities to choose the best responses rise to the surface.  Choose to find the best path for you no matter what the wave may be.  The wave will pass, you will remain.

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