Taking the Easy Way In

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You have often heard about taking the easy way out, but we would like to speak about taking the easy way into situations.  The polarities are challenging when we are entering new situations.  We may be focused on the negatives which are possibilities.  We may find ourselves people pleasing to get the things we want.  We may choose only to see the positive aspects of the situation without balancing them with the possible negatives. All of these positions make difficulties because they all have elements of fear or denial.

The first consideration is to understand that we may not make a perfect decision.  That is all right if we also remember that we have the right to make a new decision if the old decision is not serving us.  This focus helps to reduce fear.  The second consideration is that words do not always reflect the reality of a situation.  If you have the opportunity, take a little more time to observe the situation you are entering.  In a job situation, you might observe how the other employees seem to be experiencing the work place.  If it is not a match for what you have heard about the work place, a red flag should be raised.  There is a very human tendency to believe that you can change people or job situations.  As a rule, you cannot.  If you remember this, you will find that you make better decisions about people and work.

Remember to ask what the situation can offer you as well as what you offer the situation.  Respect for who you are and what you need without fear or judgment is a great tool in making choices.  Connect with yourself and the power of the Universe and you will ease your way into a good life.

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