Taking Charge of Personal Investment

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There is a steady demand for the personal investment of our lives.  We want to remember that we are in charge of our investments.  When we are manipulated by the demands of others, anger will eventually take over.  In order to prevent this, we must all take responsibility for choosing what we offer to others and how much we offer.  We must then give ourselves permission to choose what is right for us and not worry about the response of those who are making demands.  This can be challenging, since we have been encouraged to measure our own worth by the level of satisfaction of those around us.  Our own level of satisfaction is the thing for which we are responsible.  To be truly respectful of ourselves and our gifts, we must take charge of our personal investments.

Change is challenging, and it is a necessary part of growth.  Know what is good for you and hold that knowing in your consciousness.  Release anything or anyone who is not on the side of what is good for you.  The respect you give yourself will attract those in the world who will respect you as well.

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