Stop Proving Yourself to Anyone But You

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So much unhappiness is caused by the never-ending push to prove your own worth.  It is so important to be clear about who you are giving the power of approval to in your life.  Your worth lives in you and is much more effective at creating in the world when it lives in you and does not become weakened or dissipated because you have given it away.  When you look at the world clearly, you can see that individual worth and the gathering of money are not always in the same situation.  There are many situations where personal worth and personal gain go together very well.  It is a wise person who looks for the opportunities for those two things to operate together.  Knowing your own worth does not mean that you cannot improve areas in your life, but it does mean that you are the one who chooses that improvement and you are the one who honors yourself for good changes.  Look for situations that support individual worth and invite those you work with to do the same.  This is an energy which fosters growth and success without the loss of personal power.

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