Shortcut to Healing

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Because wounding from the past or the present is so painful, we sometimes believe that something as painful as the wound is required to heal.  Certainly self examination and exploration are worthy efforts, but there are some profoundly simple  choices you can make which will help the healing process move along more quickly.  You may have noticed that simple truths are sometimes the hardest to accept and embrace.  This is true in the case of healing.  The simple truth is that the shortcut to healing is kindness.  This kindness must begin with you and touch wherever you are on your path.  Kindness then can extend to those around you in this troubled world.  The personal choice to be kind to yourself is a discipline since it includes kind thoughts and actions for you.  This may be more difficult than following the impulse to be kind to others in the world.  In both cases the exercise of kindness is a balm for the wounds you carry and a service to the wounds of others.  Kindness creates an energy where healing can flourish.

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