Respecting Yourself in Communicating

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We all want to be understood when we communicate. It is important to remember that communicating has both an expressive and a receptive function and that those functions are not operating the same way in everyone you meet. There are those who seem to understand what you say before you say it. Those people are a joy to know. There are others who seem to be incapable of understanding anything you say. They are a challenge.

In order to be respectful of yourself and your own energy, you must be discerning about your efforts. If you find yourself repeating your truth over and over and still not being understood, please know that it is time to stop. What you have to say is not going to be received. Once you have determined that this is the case, bring your energy back into yourself and remind yourself that you are enough and that you spoke truly and truthfully. There are those who have closed receptors and no amount of expressive communication will open those receptors. It may be necessary to re-evaluate your relationship with these individuals. You must respect yourself and the energy you are extending to make someone hear who does not wish to hear.

In these situations, it is important to fill with love and to choose to communicate with people whose natures and choices are guided by love. Open to the love and support of the Universe and focus on that connection. You will be loved and guided to your highest good.

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