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The affliction of perfection is one most of us have encountered.  It presents itself as a good goal and one that we all should aspire to achieve.  In reality, it is much more a curse than a blessing.  When we strive for something that is not attainable, we have entered a bad game.  You cannot win a game that asks you to produce something that cannot be achieved.  If you are also caught in the competitive aspect of perfection, you also have a problem with the ego and comparisons.  There is never a winner in that kind of game.  Because you cannot win, it is only a question of time before you enter into fear and depression.

Loving excellence, on the other hand, does not demand perfection but urges you to be the best possible you.  There is joy in the process of becoming skillful, powerful and joyful you.  No comparisons are needed.  You know what you are achieving and as you are doing it, you are happy.  Remember to choose your goals in love and move toward them in that love.  That is a game you can win.

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