Patterns of Your Life

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We are unique creations and the things that work well for us in life are individual.  We do best in life when we match our own patterns to the patterns we encounter in life.  We are able to adjust our patterns to accommodate people and circumstances, but we cannot force our patterns to move too far from their natural shapes and expect to find peace in our lives.  There are situations where we are asked to do too much in terms of our pattern to accommodate the patterns of others.  When this is the case, we need to be willing to let go of the situation and to move on to things that are a better match for us.  Usually the fear of doing this release is involved with making money or achieving status.  Even when we may feel trapped in a situation, it is important to be open to other situations for which we are better suited.  Even in looking for a better thing, you are opening to the Universe and asking for guidance.  Be brave, because you are making a better life for yourself in the long run.

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