Moving to Patience

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The human condition is often challenging because of the presence of a reactive emotional level in all of us.  It is hardly fair to ask ourselves to feel patience with everything that happens in our lives.  It is, however, a powerful thing to be able to move ourselves to an energy of patience.  When we feel upset or overwhelmed, the thing we do control is how we are going to handle those emotions.  When we choose to breathe, for instance, instead of tensing in response to difficult emotions, we are moving in the best direction.  When we acknowledge, without judgment, that we are feeling difficult things, and resolve to release as much of the energy involved in those things as we can, we are moving wisely.

When we realize that the workings of the mind are not the answer to our feeling dilemmas and that slowing the mind and the body are the really good responses, we are becoming wise.  Patience with ourselves and our problems and our responses to those problems will lead us to healing.  Remember, no matter what is upsetting to you, it is not more important than you.  Take care of yourself with kindness and patience.

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