Lightening Dark Thoughts

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From time to time we all experience dark thoughts, about the past or things that happen in the present.  When dark thoughts repeat or stay for a long period of time, our energy is impacted by those thoughts.  Sometimes the thoughts can be stopped by simply deciding to change the channel.  At other times, the thoughts may be circling around a belief we are carrying.  Whatever the source of the thoughts might be, we are paying for thinking them.  We pay with the way we feel and the way our energy is affected.  Acknowledgment is the first step to release.  We can know about the dark thoughts and choose to change the formula.  One good technique is to consciously limit the amount of time you allow the thought to run.  At the end of the time, consciously change your thought to a lighter one.  If a belief is involved, bring it to the light of consciousness without judgment or shame and breathe it out.  Choose a belief you want to take the place of the dark belief and focus on it.  We may not be able to stop dark thoughts from rising, but we can choose to limit their power and move them out of our minds.

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