Lesson and Meditation for Mecury Retrograde

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Mercury is in retrograde this fall from October 4 – 26, 2014. Here is a lesson and meditation from one of Becky Loving’s classes that describes how to deal with Mercury in retrograde. The meditation helps you center and ask the Universe for guidance.

Lesson: The Best Way to Use Retrograde Time

Meditation: Meditation for Retrograde

Lesson for The Best Way to Use Retrograde Time

As in all conditions of energy, you always have a choice, you can throw yourself against it or you can recognize what the conditions is and find a better way to walk through it.

Retrogrades teach you how to deal with life and make your walk easier than it has been in the past.

In the retrograde you can go to the perfection knob and turn it down. You can say, “I understand something is impacting this, I go into a communication situation with peace and knowledge that I may need to be patient and give things more time.”

When you make a personal adjustment in retrograde, you have accomplished a spiritual task.   You don’t need to work your will in every situation.

You don’t need to love a retrograde, you need to love yourself while you are experiencing a retrograde.

What does a retrograde support? It does support time to clean out the closet and take stock of your life. To see what you have, what you want to hold onto and what you want to discard.

It a time to stop and to decide which things you want to do more of and which things you want to do less of.   You can turn down the knob on the volume. You move those things in the closet that you don’t want to wear any more. You can clean out the beliefs in the closet of your life. The things you send away may have been crowding things you love out. We are stopped so that we can balance in a time of retrograde.

Meditation for the Best Way to Use Retrograde Time

This text is from the meditation, if you are unable to listen to the file.

Your breathe is blessed because it has the elements of your life.

Every place your breathe goes you are being restored. Wash away the week, anything thing that is caught, held you or upset you.

Release your burden.

Breathe in peace, let it displace what you no longer wish to hold.

Open to receive the gifts of the Universe.

Bring your vibration higher so that you discern with the Assistance of the Universe.

Speak the truth of your life.

You are God’s child.

You are blessed, learning, creating and loved.

Let the Universe heal the past and bring you to the center of your highest good in your highest power.

Feelings move through your center and leave your body. Remove judgment and shame, establish the natural of power of cleansing without judgment or shame.

The pattern of creation comes together, holding your pattern, supported by the earth.

You Align balance and ground.

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