Learning What is Yours During Holiday Pressures

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Lesson: A great part of healing is learning to look at what is yours and what belongs to someone else. We are seeing this theme, particularly during the holiday season. It is time of year when there is great deal of pressure that people are responding to.

When people respond to pressure it is their fear-based self that is not full. It is that empty anger that many people carry with them that comes out during times of pressure. When we see the fear-based aspect of a person, our job is to know that is what we are seeing.  Once we can know what is happening and that we see it, then we can extend our energy field so that we are protected and say “Even though this is coming at me. This does not belong to me.” While we are in a state of love and fullness we can do that. While we are in a state of fear we will pull that in and make it our own.

In this time of year dealing with this kind of energy, we want to remind you of the importance to being full. It is a time to take the time to fill ourselves with the love of the Universe. In the fullness, we can manage these things better.

There are some that have never been full. The only way they can feel powerful is from the empty fear they carry.

When the fear or anger comes at you, you can see that what they are sending towards you is not yours.  You can say to yourself, “How sad that they are empty.”

Remember for yourself that part of the protection is the fullness, so that during this time you are really focused on staying full even in the times you are busy. Stop and breathe and remember that you loved.

Play: Learning What is Yours During Holiday Pressures


This meditation is designed to fill your body and thoughts with light, love and kindness so that you can remain full and deal with attacks and fear. Emotions will be moved out of your body so that you can feel joy and honor your feelings. The golden light removes judgement and shame.  You can create the life you want to live and the life you want to create without limitation.

Play Meditation: Learning What is Yours During Holiday Pressures

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