Holding Energy for Yourself

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So much of what we have been taught is about responding to the demands of other people and other situations that it is easy to forget to hold energy for yourself.  The common misconception is that the most important voice is the loudest voice and the greatest need is the only need that requires response.  It is easy to operate unconsciously in the world and find yourself depleted and even depressed.  Never discount your own needs.  It is the only way to walk happily in the world.  When you are able to hear and respond to the things you need, you are full and able to give and receive in your world.  Being full makes you able to contribute without taking away from what you need.  Unconsciousness about holding energy creates fatigue, addictions and depression.  Honor what you need, even in small ways, until it becomes second nature to you.  When you choose your highest good, you are choosing highest good for everything in your life.

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