Healing in the Light

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There are many levels of healing we encounter.  From the healing of tragedies to the healing of stresses we meet every day,  the best goal is to approach your healing in union with the Light.  This means that you honor yourself, no matter what the wound, and that you remember that you were created in light.  When you meditate, focus first on asking for the support of the Universe for yourself.  Allow yourself to open to receive the love and support that is always there for you.  You will always heal better when you are full, loved and supported.  Be conscious about releasing anything you are carrying that prevents healing.  Moving negativity out of your thoughts and actions is, of itself, a healing action.  There are so many ways to focus on things that carry light.  Gratitude for what is yours,  joy in the things that fill you, and of course love, for yourself and for others.

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