Guarding Your Energy

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We live in times where outrageous things are presented as reasonable and outrageous people are presented as viable.  In these circumstances we must be very conscious of how we use our energy in response to these situations.  For instance, once we recognize something as unreasonable, we want to use a minimum of energy to counteract that lack of reason.  It is hard, as reasonable people, to not only realize that some around us are not reasonable, but that they plan to defend their unreasonable positions.  Conscious withdrawal is an act of great wisdom.  If someone has truly decided that the moon is purple, how much of my own energy do I need to expend proving that it is not?  This analogy is not too far from things we are hearing every day.  Once you have recognized an unreasonable situation, withdraw your energy as quickly as you can and look for the reasonable people who also live among us.  When a lack of reason is virulent, you may also need to withdraw from those who are fomenting that virulence.

Times and cycles change and nothing remains the same forever.  Our world is preparing for a better time and when that time comes, we want to be well and strong and sane.  Hold for the truth you know and find those who hold the truth as well.  Save your energy for creation and use your energy to make a better, saner world.

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