Gifts Unlimited

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The gifts we have are meant to be given.  The ways in which our gifts are expressed are often limited by our own ideas about how they should be used.  Do you play the violin?  If you do, you could play the violin in an orchestra, in an ensemble, in solo work, in teaching and so many other ways.  The important thing is that your gifts are used.  Are you kind?  There are so many opportunities in life to be kind.  Do you honor that gift and the way you use it?  Are you able to help?  That gift can be used in so many ways and can bring so much light to so many people.  When we choose to use the gifts we have been given and choose to be open to the many ways our gifts can manifest, we are enriching not only ourselves but the world around us.  Look for the places in life where your gifts are needed.  Honor the ways in which you use your gifts.

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