Freedom and Form – Becky Loving

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A real challenge for a spiritual individual is to balance freedom and form in life.  The spirit loves freedom, the world loves form.  Neither of these things is bad, but extra understanding and patience is required to balance them in your life.  When you feel yourself rebelling against form, you must evaluate what is really going on.  Sometimes form is negative or damaging.  If you are not afraid, you can simply know that and keep moving in your life.  If you are afraid, you may feel the need to rebel against it.  That rebellion will keep you tied to the thing you are rebelling against.  In order to keep balance, you must keep your knowledge of your own value upmost in your mind and in your decisions.  Think of yourself in a circle of light watching the world around you.  You will always know what you know, but you want to choose your actions from a place of self love and acceptance, knowing that in that love, you are aligning your life with the love and power of the Universe.  This knowledge will bless you on your path.

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