Consciousness Without Fear

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When we become conscious, we become conscious of many things.  Some of those things are light and some of them are dark.  It is challenging to know, but not to enter fear because of what we know.  Many times we must choose whether or not to have a conversation with dark, fear-based situations.  If we enter those conversations, there is always a danger that we will take on fear because of what we are seeing and hearing.  To be conscious does not mean that we are approving of what we see and hear, but it does mean that we do not attach to the fear in those situations.  It is often wise to stay out of conversations which do not have the power to change or enlighten.  When you identify a fear based conversation, it is best to leave it.  The true power still lies in our ability to use our energy to contribute to the light in the best way we can.  Only light can restore the wounding around us.

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