Conscious Detachment

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There is so much going on in the rapidly changing world around us.  That change is unsettling, both inside and outside.  The changes allow us to choose what we hold and what we release.  We know what is true, but we cannot applaud or change it as rapidly as we would like to.  We must look at the full picture and educate our expectations.  We can know about corruption, but not hold that knowing in our thoughts.  We can choose to support the things which will reform our world in the light, but not hold our breath waiting for those things to occur.  Negativity is created by knowing without knowing to detach from the negative knowing.  Hope is not naive, it is the creation of light.  When you observe hopeful things, be happy for the hope they are creating.  Be a part of the coming creation by the conscious choices you make in the powerful present moment.

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