Clearing Emotional Heat When It’s Hot with Audio Lesson and Meditation

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Here is a lesson Becky Loving channeled in a meditation class. This is not all of the text but a summary of how to clear emotional heat when you are experiencing physical heat.

You can download the files for your MP3 player, iPod, tablet or smartphone. Clearing Emotional Heat

When you are experiencing physical heat, it can attach to emotional heat in different places in different degrees. In other cultures there is the siesta, it is good emotionally, to pull you out of unpleasantness.

When it is hot, give up the idea that you will not have emotional heat. You are in a body and you will be triggered. Our first feeling when heat is triggered is either anger or fear or anger with fear. It is often followed with a self criticism,”what is wrong with me that I am angry or afraid?”

In a patriarchy, you are taught to go to that “what is wrong with me.” That needs to be cleared when you have emotional heat of any kind, because it will create more emotional heat. It sounds like a simple thing but rather difficult to deal with when you are feeling it. If you are having emotional heat about something and you do not realize the voice is coming after you, it will take you to places you do not want to go.

The thought that says “what is wrong with you,”  is something we need to cancel. First we need to ask, “Is that the thought that is driving the process I am in?”

If that is what is driving it, we say to ourselves “This is  a belief we don’t need to feed,” even if we are overheated, sad, angry or depressed.  We don’t want this passenger on our emotional train.

Let me stop and say, “Cancel, I am feeling what I feel. If it has information for me. I will get that information, I will do the healing myself, but not with this “something is wrong with me” hanging over my shoulder.

If you can make this separation in your life, you will be doing yourself a great deal of good.

If you are not feeling “there is something wrong with me,” you will be in a good position to correct the things you are feeling.  Stay true to your best self and you will overcome the heat in your life.


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