Choose Your Team

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You live in a very chaotic and often upsetting world.  It is easy to enter a state of fear about all that is wrong that you cannot control.  Darkness, in all its aspects, is visible all around you and there is a certain drawing quality that makes us want to focus there.  We are going to call darkness the other team.  If you decide to focus on the dark team, you are giving it power it does not deserve.  We want to make a distinction between knowing about the dark team and focusing on the dark team.  You want to be informed, but not involved.

When you play for the Light team, you know about the darkness, but you focus on the light.  It is a discipline, but a very powerful one.  For all the attention the news gives to the darkness, in reality, many good and light things continue to be.  To focus on even the faintest of light, in your own life and in the world around you, is to be a good player on Team Light.  Your power is in your focus.  The world needs your light.

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