Balancing the Path

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When we are pulled by any one aspect of the path, it is difficult to honor that aspect but also to know that there are other aspects to be considered.  The laws of cause and effect are at work on Planet Earth.  While we may love the contemplative beauty of meditation, we cannot neglect the other aspects of life.  Meditation was designed to feed the soul, but not to pay the rent.  While this can be frustrating, we must remember that everything we encounter in life is supported by our spiritual practices.  The peace you feel in meditation can be translated into the peace you bring into the job that pays the rent.  Everything we learn and value is intended to be brought into the world to bring the world into the light.  Every lovingkindness you feel from the Universe is intended to be offered to those in the world who need it.  This is the way you balance your path.  Bring what you learn in the peace and power of spirit, back to the world for its good.

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