Holding For The Light

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We have been experiencing very loud and visual tragedies recently.  It is easy to respond to these incidents by going to fear or anger within ourselves.  So often the place we need to be focusing on is the light in the situation which is neither loud nor visual in many cases.  When we hear that a Muslim community raised a large amount of money to send to the Jewish synagogue in which people were killed needlessly, we may not hear a lot about that act of benevolence.  This is true of many situations.  A bad thing happens and hearts open to help make things better.  When we hold for the light, the benevolence of the open-hearted is where we want to focus.  Fear is a hungry master.  Love is a giver of nurturing.  When we look for the light and love in ourselves and in others, we find it.  That focus is the power that ultimately defeats fear.  Whatever we focus on grows.  Let’s empower the best in us and the best all around us.

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