Clearing the Air

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This troubled time makes it difficult, if not impossible to clear the air around us.  We have a situation where energy pollution is a reality.  This leaves us with the task of learning to clear the air around ourselves.  It requires us to focus on what we take in and what we let out.  We know about the world around us, but we do not need to take it in.  This means, in practice, that we register the information of the world, but we do no focus on it for long.  The ability to move your focus to thoughts and ideas that are good for us gives us something to breathe in.  If something about the world is lingering in our minds and energy, it gives us something to breathe out.  Make sure your reality and focus are in the present moment and are about light and lovingkindness.  Gentle your energy and your responses to yourself and others.  This will make sure that the air you are breathing is clear and loving.

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