The Doing Position

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When we want to do a thing, we position naturally in a very good way. We are open and willing and happy to give our energy to the task. When we don’t want to do a thing, our position changes. We are closed and reluctant and unhappy to give our energy to the task. This means that at least twice the energy is required to do the task than is really necessary. This adds to our future reluctance to do the task again.

Many a parent has noted that their child happily does chores at a friend’s house that that same child will not do at home. The chore may be the same, but something has changed the position of the child doing the chore. In the new position, the child is open, willing and happy to help.

Sometimes we believe it is the actual task that is the problem, when the real problem is the position we assume to do the task. We do not need to alter how we feel about the task, but we do need to alter the position from which we do the task. Become larger and more important than the task you are going to do. This position removes any fear you might be carrying about it, conscious or unconscious. Think about moving your body in a lighter way. Allow your mind to move to a place of happiness, independent of the task. These are a few of the ways to change position from reluctance and heaviness to openness and lightness.

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