Stopping the War

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When you watch someone learning a skill that is not familiar to you, you see them go through levels of learning which are not at all like the levels of learning you experienced in your life.  If you are wise, you don’t offer advice about how they are learning or argue with their perspective.
You may have questions about their choices, but after all, it is their path.  You can share information if you are asked, but if you are not asked, silence is the height of wisdom.  In these troubled times, you may find that sharing information, even good information, can start a war.  In a war of this kind there are no winners.  If someone has decided that they are angry or cheated or entitled, they must walk out that path and see where it really goes.  No argument or explanation will impact those attitudes.  You always honor what you know, but you want to discern where you share what you know.  Even if it is difficult, you must let people walk out their own paths and learn.  We put our energy into what we know to be true and good.  That support is a powerful part of creating a better world.

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