Releasing the Year

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When the experience of the year you have lived through has heaviness as well as lightness, we want to focus on releasing the heaviness. What we carry with us, emotionally as well as mentally, has the power to attract more of the same. That is why it is important to choose to focus on the events of the year for which we can be grateful. It is human to focus on the events for which we are not grateful, but that can be a risky focus. We do not need to attract more frustration or negativity than this year has already provided. We know that we will need to attend to the things that make life better and safer as we move through the new year. That will be easier to do if we are focusing on the parts of life for which we can be grateful. That focus will displace the heaviness we have experienced and focus us on the light we want to create. Use your power well and using that power will bring you to a higher level in the year ahead. May the year bring you healing, hope and joy in all that you do.

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