Learning through Loss

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Loss is the great teacher of the power of connection.  When we lose someone we love, we feel the loss on so many levels.  It is then that we become aware of the levels of connection we all experience.  Each of us must process loss in our own way, but we must also allow ourselves that knowledge that we are all part of a great creative source.  When we lose someone, we feel that loss, not only to ourselves, but to the greater alliance that is life.  There is no greater tribute than to honor the one we have lost by consciously contributing to life the qualities and actions that are most like the one we have lost.  If we have lost someone who is kind, send more kindness into the world.  If we have lost someone who loves, love more in the world.  There will be grief, of course, but this action is the present symbol of our desire to continue the gifts of the one we have lost.

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