Inner Truth

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The world around us is reflecting the chaos that is created when truth is no longer spoken, recognized or respected.  Not a day goes by when someone’s lie is not broadcasted to the world and spoken with surety and confidence.  It is as though the liar believes that if the lie is spoken repeatedly and convincingly, it becomes the truth.  This leaves the house to fall down while the liar is proclaiming its grandeur.  We will, no doubt, have houses to rebuild as time passes, and truth to restore in high places.  While we may not have a great deal of power in high places now, we do have power within ourselves.  To look at our lives with love and truth, and to be unafraid to change what needs to be changed and to accept what needs to be accepted, is a high form of spiritual development.   The truth inside of us burns brightly and makes us strong.  If we carry a lie, it can only diminish our true identities.

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