Being Connected and Being Individual

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We are sometimes challenged by making both of these truths work together. Because we are connected does not mean that we are all alike.

The choice to live your life as yourself does not mean that you are not part of the great connection. The problem often arises when others confuse connection with matching. We are not created to live our lives in exactly the same way. That would be a great disservice to ourselves and to the planet. We stand in different locations on the lines of polarity. That is a good thing. Not all of us are outgoing and not all of us are shy. Neither position is good or bad and neither position should be judged in that way. We are who we are. We can make changes in certain patterns
if those patterns are not good for us, but many of our patterns are simply a reflection of our true selves. If we can refrain from judging ourselves or others negatively, we can enjoy being connected and honor our differences as a part of being both spiritual and human.

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