2015 Invites Positive, Supportive Energy

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The energy of 2015 is positive and invites us to create in supportive energy.  It also invites us to become conscious of our own energy as we create.  In a new year, it is beneficial to look at what we believe about our lives and the way we live them.  If you think of the year as a fast moving vehicle, consider what you want to take with you and what you want to jettison as you move forward.  Old beliefs are often heavy and need to be lightened or left behind.  If there are places in your life where you feel heavy or burdened, consider what you need to change in your belief system to feel lighter and more empowered.  More important than the situation you are in is how you view yourself and the situation.  With a lighter view, you can very often be more effective in changing the actual situation.  If you are in a difficult place, treat yourself kindly, gently and seek out the things which bring you joy.  Remember that you create through your focus.  Make that focus loving and joyful.  May you be blessed throughout this year.

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